Useful tools

Tools we would like to see working in Indian cities and communities:

1. A basic portable local blog format, organised in such a way that any city could in a few days start to lay the base for a collaborative citizen’s vision of the city’s mobility arrangements, good and bad. (Examples abound. We should have a good look at them together.)

2. A version of “Click to Fix” that would provide a tool set so that anyone with access to a smart phone or computer could be able to log specific street problems and anomalies to which it is important to draw public and media attention. Basically a dynamic map in which citizens can give the coordinates and basic information about specific anomalies and dangerous situation, for example pot holes, interferences with safe walking, dangerous intersections, etc. This would also need a careful sets of operational routines and instructions for those who get involved, and well as an ability to ensure that the site is kept clear of misuse and tampering. (Again, examples abound.)

[List to follow, with reader inputs, etc.]

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