Dinesh Mohan: On The Streets of India, v. 2.0

– Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. New Delhi. 22 June 2014

In response to your invitation to comment on the possible new launching of the Streets of India 2.0:

1.       I think you should [continue on this] because a lot of people seem to get information from such sources.

2.       Many expats out of India and other well wishers want to help their “unfortunate brothers and sisters” living here in a “corrupt inefficient land”  They want us to get our act together and reproduce an America or Europe in India. I guess that’s not going to happen. 

3.       It’s going to be a long haul as we really don’t have first class expertise in most countries like India. Very few here who are able to analyse and think from first principles because everyone assumes we just need to copy from the west. But, what we really need to do is to use international theory to innovate and provide workable solutions at lower price and less harm to the environment.

4.       My interest is in training and influencing as many young professionals here, and I think your contribution would certainly help them.

5.       There is a role for some innovative designs for roundabouts and traffic calming for roads with high proposition of motorcycles, and wide roads going through cities.

6.       The National Transport Policy development Committee submitted its report to the previous Prime Minister in March (available at http://planningcommission.nic.in/sectors/index.php?sectors=National%20Transport%20Development%20Policy%20Committee%20(NTDPC) )

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About the author:

Dinesh Mohan is Volvo Chair Professor Emeritus for Biomechanics and Transportation Safety at the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology , Delhi. He obtained his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, followed by a Masters degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Delaware and then a PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Michigan. He started his research career working on mechanical properties of human aortic tissue. This was followed by work on injuries and injury tolerance, effectiveness of helmets, child seats and the first evaluation of airbags in real world crashes. Concerned with mobility and safety of people outside the car he is trying to integrate these issues within a broader framework of sustainable transport policies, urban transport options and people’s right to access and safety as a fundamental human right. Recipient of: Distinguished Alumnus Award of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the American Public Health Association International Distinguished Career Award

Dinesh Mohan, PhD
Volvo Chair Professor Emeritus
Transport Research & Injury Prevention Programme
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas. New Delhi 110016

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Eric Britton
9, rue Gabillot, 69003 Lyon France

Bio: Educated as a development economist, Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher and international sustainability activist who has lived and worked in Paris since 1969. Professor of Sustainable Development, Economy and Democracy at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Paris), he is also MD of EcoPlan Association, an independent advisory network providing strategic counsel for government and business on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, social-technical change and sustainable development. Founding editor of World Streets: The Politics of Transport - https://worldstreets.wordpress.com . | Britton online: https://goo.gl/9CJXTh

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One thought on “Dinesh Mohan: On The Streets of India, v. 2.0

  1. I agree with Prof. Dinesh Mohan as such a platform encourages exposure, prods analysis and can help in generation of an out come that can be intrinsic and indigenous.
    This site helped me during the course of my Masters Programme in Ekistics(Jamia).



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