The goal of India Streets is to provide an open platform for communications and exchanges among people and projects who are working to advance the sustainable transport/new mobility agenda in cities across India. Our modest goal is no less than to influence, indeed to entirely reshape the agenda and mechanisms and priorities of planning, policy and investments at the highest level.

(Section to be developed with contributing editors and other colleagues.)

Some notes:
What is I/S? I suggest that we need to spell out the four main parts (as I see it) nicely and convincingly in our About section. They include:

1. A daily/weekly journal exclusively devoted to the topic of sustainable transport and new mobility thinking, planning and practice in India. (With a window wide-open at the same time to leading practices, policies, currents, etc. from other parts of the world.

2. A shared resource (this being the bottom half of each page, which for now is only starting to be developed. A good next step on this would be for one of our number to spend some time making sure that our links include all the key players in India. Volunteers

3. A collaborative force – Basically we are hoping to provide support for better networking and mutual support of all those groups and individuals across your great and sprawling country who are working hard to advance the sustainable transport and sustainable cities agenda.

4. An effective lobby for sustainable transport and sustainable cities across India.

[to be completed.]

Next stop: Editor’s Desk

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