Editor’s Desk

Introducing the team of volunteers who are cooperating to form up, lead and support this independent collaborative  effort in support of sustainable transport in India and in the Subcontinent more generally.

Editor in chief: Eric Britton

Associate Editors (Click names for short profiles on each):

International Advisory Panel: (To follow)

International Correspondents: (Section in progress)

# # #

The second half of this introductory listing provides information such as guidelines for contributors, comments on fair use, and a first shopping list setting out some of the technical and other innovations and competences that we would hope to build and program without too much delay. You will see the various sections just to the left of the drop-down menu for this section.

Click to see latest drafts on each of thefollowing.
* Postings discussing editorial matters
* Editorial guidelines for contributors
* Profile guidelines for authors
* Future topics? Thinking out loud
* Editors’ guidelines and obligations
* Fair Use and India Streets
* Next steps/Help wanted

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