Delhi rape and Problem solving in India – eye opener.

Chetan Prasad comments:  Problem solving in India is very complex since several issues are interconnected. It’s like opening a Pandora’s Box. During this very incident I monitored several TV channels and news papers to understand the issue and what I found is here.

On December 16th, a 23 year old  girl was brutally abused sexually in Delhi and what followed clearly defines how deep the rot is and how impossible is the task of finding a solution for anything in India.

I monitored the discussions on 4 TV channels, CNN-IBN, Times Now, Headlines Today and Aaj Tak and several news papers. The panel comprised of politicians, actors, social workers, police, lawyers, models, journos, students etc. So it would be safe to assume that the opinions were unbiased and represented the views of a cross section of Indian society.

But look at the way the discussions went. The brief was how to prevent rape. Straight and simple. But the solutions suggested, all valid in their own right gives an insight into how complicated solving problems in India has become and eventually nothing ever gets done. This in turn leads to another twist in the already challenging process of reforms.

As the random list of the solutions suggested by Indians illustrates, any problem in India is just the tip of a putrid iceberg and consensus or implementation is impossible. It almost results in having to change everything.

But the burning question is, in such a non-isolated and interconnected situation, where does one start?

Is this why nothing every gets permanently solved in India? Is India beyond salvage?


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