India Streets: We must be doing something right.

Here is something that is rather interesting about India Streets. While for various reasons there have been very little orignal content coming in from our Indian colleagues in the last months, the fact is that the journal is nonetheless quite heavily visited each day. And where do those readers come from?

India Streets: We must be doing something right.  (Now all we have to do is do more and better of it.  That is where you get involved. And you will find that we are here and ready to do our part.)


And who else in the world cared today to have a look at India Streets?


4 thoughts on “India Streets: We must be doing something right.

  1. I pick ‘India Streets’ up in the UK as I take an interest in people movement and in particular public passenger transport in India and one or two other countries.

    To me, India is one of the countries that has some big issues looming with mobility, particularly in their major cities, but India also has a massively talented and intelligent set of people in the transportation or academic sectors.

    As described in the article, why do they hold back from exploring innovative ideas on here, either new, or modified from elsewhere, to enhance the mobility of people in their cities? Is it politics? Is it ‘unpopular’ to go out on a limb with new ideas? Does it tread on toes when valid suggestions are made? Have they given up on trying to change things for the better?

    I think the Indian talent pool is deep and formidable, and needs to clearly say what it thinks using this medium.


  2. Eric
    I run a growing LinkedIn group ‘Talent in Road Transport’ and currently have just over 200 members all round the world, including India.

    I have taken the liberty to promote ‘India streets’, and particularly this current thread regarding subscriber input, on my site. I hope you don’t mind.


    • Thank you so much John for this good initiative. I am forever trying to think about how we can better overlap and in this way reinforce the pioneering work which is the carried out at the leading edge in our field. I am at the stage where if I do not know what the answers are, I at least have a couple of good questions on this one. Regards/Eric


  3. ‘Indiastreets’ site has now been promoted on another LinkedIn site that I am already a member of.
    ‘India, Jobs, Careers and Networking’ which has many members around the world.



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