The benefits of being Obama

This article published today by associate editor of India Streets, Karthik Rao-Cavale, in his outstanding blog “India lives in her cities too!”, provides a bald example of the kind of  clear thinking and truth-telling that is indispensable to make informed policy decisions in the face of abundant complexities and contradictions that constitute day-to-day life on India’s streets. Would it not be a wonderful thing if President Obama were to be invited to walk the streets and see for himself this aspect of daily life in one of the world’s greatest cities? I am sure that he would understand it entirely and be moved to a far greater degree than sitting down to one more boring and inevitably hypocritical rubber-chicken State Dinner. And he would go back to his crushing work load in Washington a far better friend of India. I can promise you that.  – Eric Britton. Editor, India Streets.

The latest news from Mumbai is that President Obama is about to visit, and all the routes he might possibly take are being beautified. Some of them are even being adorned with date palm trees, despite these trees being completely inappropriate for Mumbai’s humid climate. And alongside, anti-encroachment drives are being carried out to evict “illegal” hawkers squatting on the pavements. This prompted one KRP Gupta to ask why it is that while Obama … Read More

via India lives in her cities too!


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