Honk! Quite incredible they would fall for this. (Anti-social advertising in old mobility)

It is a rare day when anyone gets the matters which concern us all here quite as wrong as our friends from Bosch have it here. (One of a series of particularly egregious advertising abuses on the part of certain old mobility purveyors who just do not seem to be able to resist the temptation.)

From: Rutul Joshi,
Sent: Sunday, 15 November, 2009 10:09
Subject: Bosch Horn commercial

A few days ago some enthusiasts in Ahmedabad initiated the ‘no honking day’ in the city. While some people are trying hard to make such initiatives a success, the TV commercials preach something else all together.

* Click for video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnzJFp6tfKU

This TV commercial ‘promotes’ honking as a powerful way to ease ‘congestion’! From start to the end – this commercial has all the possible wrong elements.

A majority of the roads in metro cities in India have noise pollution levels above 80 decibels. Shouldn’t such commercials be banned?

Rutul Joshi

# # #

In truth we take little pleasure to point the finger at someone like Bosch who are, who should definitely be, part of the solution to sustainable transport with their world level technology skills and industrial base.

But there are times when only your best friends will tell you. So, ahem! Dear Bosch. Don’t you really think . . . ?

The editor

PS. And I am pretty sure that there is someone back at Bosch headquarters in Stuttgart who is not at all happy about this.


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