Editorial: Start here

30 September 2010: The goal of this site at this early point is to see if we can in the month ahead use what you find here as a dynamic test bench and group working area — and then to  move beyond this initial sketch frame and fashion it in deliberate steps into a first-rate collaborative blog that will perhaps in time develop into a collective force for sustainable mobility and sustainable cities in India — and also possibly through its good example influence discussions and decisions in other parts of the world as well.

As a first step we are working with a small group of collaborating editors and international correspondents (all unpaid volunteers) over the course of the coming weeks in order to see if we can together create a strong framework for the work and contributions to follow. All ideas and suggestions you may have are most welcome and can be usefully added as comments to this opening post. We will be ready for public announcement and full operations as soon as the collaborative group decides that we are ready to go. Our target launch date is 1 November.

To get started let me suggest that we use our partner site World Streets at http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/as a first rough template for what we wish to achieve here, picking, choosing, modifying and adding as we agree fits best in this new venture.

Perhaps a useful way to see where things stand thus far is to work your way across the top menu and its various contents, next scroll down the side menu and its many links and reference, and finally the “resource” part which in time will be the bottom half of each posting.

To follow the development of the key editorial steps in setting the stage for the full-scale blog and working platform, we invite you to click here.

Now that’s just an idea, and you may have better ideas. In fact we are sure you will, and if so let us know via

editors@indiastreets.org   – Skype: newmobility.   Or by phone to +331 7550 3788


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